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Preventive Dentistry at Alliston Kind Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is a joint responsibility shared by both the patient and the dental staff. When you bring your family in for dental exams at Alliston Kind Dentistry, we will examine the condition of the teeth and the underlying bones and gums, and check for any signs of oral cancer, bruxism (teeth grinding) or misalignments.

An essential part of your preventative care is professional cleaning of your teeth at least every 6 months to remove the plaque and tartar that build up even with daily brushing and flossing. Deep cleaning of the roots (scaling) may also be necessary. As with all our procedures, we make every effort to maintain our patients’ comfort during cleaning – and our patients always appreciate the fresh and clean feeling of their teeth after a visit with our hygienists!

In addition to cleaning, we may also recommend fluoride applications, sealants and protective resins for added protection against tooth decay between visits.

Mouth Guards
Do you or your children play contact sports? Do you grind your teeth at night? Custom mouth guards can help you protect your teeth from damage. Alliston Kind Dentistry can fit you with mouth guards that are both comfortable and effective.

Changes in your overall health, such as the onset of diabetes, can impact your oral health. Please let your dentist know during your dental exam of any changes that have occurred since your last exam. Remember, prevention is the best medicine. Contact us today to schedule a dental exam for you and your children.

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